About BattleDad

BattleDad is your typical ManChild.

I don’t care how old you are. If you are a man, you’ve probably not grown up. That’s good, me neither. If you are a woman, you’ve probably noticed this in your own ManChild. This site is a peek into the mind of this pervasive creature.

I still enjoy playing games, throwing the odd tantrum and constantly marveling at the world around me. A love of going fast, buying shiny objects and battling through life like there’s no tomorrow. You can never have too many toys whether you’re 4 or 40.

40 is an interesting number. It’s also my age (in whole years) at point of creating this blog but who is really counting? It’s just a number. Other numbers that interest me are:

  • how many hours of playing games can I fit in before the wife threatens to disown me (again)?
  • what is the ideal number of sofa cushions to make a fort?
  • how many snails can my boy fit in his pocket before his Mum throws up?

Becoming a NewDad at 40 also gives great perspective. Life really is too short so musings on said life with BattleKid in tow will be a regular feature.

Motorbikes, PCs, game consoles, gadgets, tech, funny stuff, new experiences. All are up for review and debate.

If any of this resonates with you then please stick around. Also, share the love with the other ManChilds…ManChildren?…immature people in your life!

Yours faithfully