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For any new or aspiring parents this book is a necessity. It takes some of the mystery out of it parenting and presents you with some useful knowledge of what to expect. Don't need to read it all in one go, stay a couple of weeks ahead of your little darling and you'll be a much more confident parent!

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Book review: Your Baby Week by Week

Being a new Dad is a daunting task. Not only do you have to commit some of your “me time” to “them time” (most of it in fact but let’s not digress), you always have to learn ….stuff.

Some of the stuff I’ve needed to learn is:

  • that babies aren’t as delicate as you might think so don’t fear them. Little bullies.
  • crying is normal (for them, maybe you) and you can actually tell their needs from the types of cry that they emit at a given time
  • babies will pee, and worse, on you given the chance. I know.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the regimented way of checklists and boxes to be ticked but the one simple truth I have come to uncover is that babies just need some care. So, let me introduce the “Your Baby Week by Week” book that my wife and I have been reading. It’s practical, it’s straight forward and whilst my wife reckons it’s written “by mums for mums” it’s also a great source of information for dads too. What I like about this book is that it’s so easy to get on with. It’s not preachy, it doesn’t tell you you’re doing it wrong if you don’t do exactly like they say.

Caring for a baby is a lot more intuitive than you might think. Scouring the internet for a right way and a wrong way and sticking rigidly to what some stranger tells you you MUST do for your baby is one way of doing it. Another is getting some guidelines and educating yourself, managing your own and others expectations and then getting on with it. Let’s face it, the Chinese nation is doing just fine without Gina Ford, right?

So this book informs and educates you by empowering you with information. It tells you what to look for in Mum and Baby for a given week. It gives practical hints and tips on important stuff like reducing cot-death risk. It tells you when you do and maybe don’t need a doctor. I like how it forms a bit of a support network by providing guidelines and milestones but let’s you get on with parenting. One thing I know for sure is that babies do things their own way. Nothing I learned in hypnobirthing classes or in pre-natal classes happened exactly like the book  says it will so this book actually makes a refreshing difference.

If you or a friend have a baby on the way, or have just had one, then I highly recommend this book. You can buy the book by clicking here to go to Amazon or from the link below.

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