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Destiny (PS4) Beta Impressions

If you’ve been hiding in a cave you’ll not have heard of Destiny. If, however, you’re an avid gamer loving all things gaming you’ll have been excited for some time now with the impending release of this AAA title.
It is brought to us by Bungie and is their first big release since splitting from Microsoft after their massively successful years delivering Halo to your Xbox.
This should be enough to get you thinking that there could be something to this and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s a bit of a coming together of multiple genres of games and even with the limited view of it that we get in the beta, it is a joy to behold.
I played a Hunter class which gives you some sneaksy type strengths and is tight up my alley in terms of the characters I usually play (rogue/assassin types). You’ve got a choice of another two templates to go from but I’ll leave those aside for now.
Upon logging in you can see the polish that Bungie have been layering on. Even with the beta going public this weekend (previously you needed a code from a preorder) there was no noticeable delays logging on, or lag in-game. It is worth noting that this is an “always online” game which brings together single and multiplayer elements. Story based missions, dynamic events, PVP – it’s got a bit of everything.
The three core game genres that could go towards defining Destiny could be FPS (plays a little like Halo, bouncy jumps included), RPG (levelling up your character, skills, weapons and ship) and MMO (single player, multiplayer, groups, PVP and the loot gathering! That lovely loot gathering…). In some ways it can play and look a little like Borderlands, though the cell-shading isn’t as OTT as it was there. Anyone who has played Borderlands though will recognise the run & gun and loot hunting. The combat is slick, fast and quite enjoyable with the controls being simple but effective.
To call it a Borderlands clone though would be doing it an injustice. It is that plus so much more.
The Tower is a bustling city that houses all sorts of merchants and trainers. Your ship gets you out of there to missions and whilst the beta was restricted to one area of Old Russia (albeit running to various areas of the map) the scope and potential here could be huge.
Graphically, the game is beautifully engineered. The core engine seems fast and net code didn’t pose any problems as you’d have seen with Battlefield 4. HAts off to Bungie for opening up the game to the wider public to really hammer their servers before release on September 9th.
This is definitely one to keep and eye on and could be contender for game of the year.
Did you play? Fancy a game when it comes out? 🙂