Last of Us Remastered PS4

Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Review

The Last of Us was released just last year on the PS3. It was hailed then as a genre defining game and one no to be missed. Indeed, it had over 200 nominations for Game of the Year which they proudly display on the cover of the “new” remastered Last of Us on PS4.
This game is probably one of the very few that spans the gap between interactive story telling and action adventure. It is a simple joy to behold in its new-found glory – native 1080p, 60fps goodness!
Our main protagonist is Joel. A hard man of hard times. He has spent 20 years post apocalypse and is short of a sense of humour. He is your quintessential anti-hero, grudgingly taking on a task he neither wants nor particularly cares about. Ellie is introduced early on and he becomes her somewhat begrudging guardian. Their journey is as epic as it is unsettling. There are parts genuinely scary, causing you to think quickly and respond to threats with whatever you have to hand. The story telling is brilliantly done and the acting is once in a generation for a video game. I’m not kidding. To watch the cut scenes unfold is a welcome and entrancing break. The transition back into your journey is beautifully handled too.
The mechanics of the game are also excellent. Scavenging items, slapping them together and wreaking havoc is always a joy. Do not for a second think you are John Rambo here. Maybe more of a subtle McGyver with a less irritating haircut? You need to put thought into what you do with the meagre scraps you find. Bandage or molotov? There are stark choices. Combat is handled really well from hand to hand, to melee, to gun play. Upgrading weapons to tackle stronger opponents is also something to watch.
This version, available now on PS4, also contains all of the previous DLC from the PS3 version. You get Ellie’s story as a preface to the main game. You also get to watch a documentary on the making of the game as well as director’s commentary throughout also if that floats your boat. You even get some multiplayer if that’s your thing.
Simply put, this is one of those games that you MUST play. These gems come along all too rarely, and this one is mind-blowing. Go get it!
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Graphics 90%
Sound 95%
Gameplay 90%
Story 100%
Final Thoughts

Brilliantly achieved. You don't see many of these games arrive into your sweaty palms, make sure you play this one or it will forever be the one that got away.

Overall Score 93% Must Play
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