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Need for Speed Movie Review

The history of Game to Movie media transition has long been one fraught with piles of steaming excrement. Ask Uwe Boll for example about how he single handedly has massacred great game IPs through his various production and directorial outings. The reverse is also true with good movies getting afterthoughts as game offerings.

As movie and game tie-ups go though, Need for Speed (starring Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots) is not a bad little outing at all. If you’re into games, fast cars and hot chicks with a posh English accent then you should not be disappointed. Taking a balanced view though, with a weak script and a run time of just over two hours there are things to improve for next time out.

So, the good stuff then. Cars. Lots of lovely cars and some nice displays of driving skill. My teenage nephew was undoubtedly in car heaven with a souped-up Mustang at the heart of the action. There are some other exotic beauties too with my favourite being the McLaren P1. Just a few more millennia saving my pennies and I’ll have one all for myself! The cinematography was all around pretty impressive, even if some of the feats were a little far fetched. The camera angles and action certainly took inspiration from the games with cockpit views, chase cams and others on display. It was a nice touch, and a nod to the game enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the story wasn’t particularly compelling. Good guy v Bad guy, love interest, revenge and victories all made it into the melting pot and despite the long run time I think probably took away from the character development somewhat. You never really felt for the characters which kinda kept the viewer a bit detached. The acting in parts was a bit wooden, but not from the main protagonists. Aaron Paul just got better and better through the series of Breaking Bad and he brought a lot of presence and emotion to this role. It will be interesting to see where he goes next. Imogen Poots was an interesting sidekick and I can only imagine she has soared in popularity in the US after this outing. If only as an afternoon tea host with that accent of hers! Well played part though with many a teenage gamer drooling in her wake no doubt.

Overall a decent romp with some lovely driving, scenery and cinematography. Whilst the metacritic scores were quite low, the community responded well over on IMDB and quite a few fans were won. Worth a gander if you’ve not much else to do working away from home of an evening!

See the full length trailer here.

Final Thoughts

Lacks the passion of Bullitt, the drama of Gone in 60 Seconds but makes up for it with fast paced action and my P1.

Overall Score 3.6 Decent car romp