battledad today i learned TILT

TILT March 4 2014. Awesomeness.

So one of the joys of fatherhood is that it’s a constant learning process for you and your young charge. It set me to thinking that maybe a good thing to do would be to share some interesting facts and knowledge that you might not otherwise have thought about.

Starting today I’m going to do a weekly update of “stuff” that piques my (and hopefully your) interest. For want of something better, I’m going to dub this TILT for now (“Today I Learned” Tuesdays).

Let’s kick off with the top 5 things I learned today.

poison, danger

Antifreeze is made deliberately bitter as it’s the perfect tool for poisoning/murdering people. And cats apparently. Source.

michael bufferMidway paid Michael Buffer $100,000,000 to licence his phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” for their boxing game. I’m trademarking something right away. Source.

pit of death, 300


The “Pit of Death” in the film “300” actually exists. Source.

baby brain, pregnancy brain


When a woman bears a son, male DNA material can remain in her body protecting her from Alzheimer’s among other things. “Preggers Brain” exists! Source.

squirrel, red squirrel

I r love you

Squirrels are inherently kind and will adopt baby squirrels if they notice the parents don’t return. Those furry little bundles of loveliness. Source.

There you have it, I do feel like I’ve truly learned something today 🙂 Got something to share? Drop me a comment below 🙂