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“Today I Learned – Tuesday” 11 March 2014 (TILT)

So that time of week has come around yet again. Each week I’ll be scouring the interwebs for some little known but pretty cool knowledge and sharing that with you here. Without further ado, let’s check out the Top 5 this week. Click the pictures to go to the stories.


1. Jaws O’Reilly lives.

irish shark

An Irish Shark

A Great White Shark is headed for Ireland. No, go back and read that again. I didn’t think there would ever be a need to put all of those words together in that order. Still, if you’ve got any people you don’t particularly get on with, can I suggest you book a kayaking trip off the west coast of Ireland for you all and then fail to show up at the last minute? You can’t be held responsible for nature. Fact. Source.

2. You have never seen this before

earth from space

A room with a view

You have never seen this before. Click the picture. Seriously. Source.

3. What’s up, Doc?

bugs bunny

Whats up Doc?

“Carrots improve eyesight” was a myth created by the RAF to hide their early use of radar technology in WW2. Source.

4. Apocalypse Now



The US Centre of Disease Control actually has a Zombie Apocalypse plan. Source.

5. Robot Dog Discovery

robot dog

The Big Dog

Yeah, so not EXACTLY right but still, his name was Robot. In 1940, four young lads set out with Robot the dog and did a real Indiana Jones. They had a bit of a trek in the Dordogne and stumbled upon the Lascaux Cave Paintings. The most famous cave paintings in the world. Yes, that’s a thing. Source.