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“Today I Learned – Tuesday” 18 March 2014 (TILT)

So another week has flown by and it’s again time to learn some new and interesting stuff. As always, you can click the picture to link you to the full source of the story.


1. Boys in Pink and Girls in Blue?

Everyone knows boys wear blue and girls wear pink. Might it surprise you to realise this is a relatively “new” thing. Boys actually used to wear dresses until they were 6 or 7, right when they got their first mullet too. As recently as 1927, big fashion stores were advising parents to dress boys in a strong pink colour and girls in a dainty blue. True.

baby in blue, baby in pink

Babies know fashion, yo!

2. Russia loves a referendum. Except when it doesn’t. Then it does.

Another genuinely interesting and timely piece of knowledge here. In 1921, Russia invaded Chinese land (Tuva) near Mongolia under the pretense of protecting Russian interests. A pseudo referendum was held and the land (some 240,000 sq. km.) came under Russian ownership. They do say the old ones are the good ones, right?

bearded russian on bear back

Russian bears attack!

3. Dawn of the Dead in Reading?

Being the mature and sophisticated man-child that I am…no, scratch that. No one would believe me anyway. I like games and guns and zombies. And game with guns and zombies in them. And Airsoft too (my new passion for which I will buy loads of kit to stash under the stairs with all my other passion-gear. Hang on, that sounded wrong..) Anyway, one of my favourite films ever is Dawn of the Dead, you know the one with the shopping mall being a last refuge against zombie invaders? Well, you can live it out for real in Reading, Berkshire, UK. I’m booking up post-haste.

zombie apocalypse sign

Where do I sign up?

4. Needles sometimes found in haystacks

The disappearance of a plane load of passengers last week. This is thankfully a reasonably rare occurrence but it is by no means unique. Today I learned that an Air France flight disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 and it took 2 years to find it – all 288 people on board perished. Some other mysterious airplane-y things through the pic below. Scary.

needle in a haystack

How many needles in that haystack?

5. Motorcycle Madness

Whilst it should come as no surprise that I love my motorbikes, it will most likely surprise you to hear about how nutty Steve McQueen was. We’ve all heard of The Great Escape but what I just found out today was that Steve McQueen did pretty much all of his own stunts on his bike, wanting to use the film to show off his biking prowess. Not only did he do his own stunts, but he also dressed up as a Nazi to chase himself as the guy couldn’t keep up! The man has just gone up even further in my estimation. Imagine someone doing that today….no? No. Wusses.

the Great Escape movie poster

Steve “Cojones” McQueen

I feel more learned now having uncovered those little gems. If you’ve got anything to add, please leave a comment below 🙂 Until next week!