Underbelly (2008)

One of of the things I love about Netflix is the little gems you uncover now and again. Underbelly is one such series that you simply must watch.

Set in Australia, this gritty crime drama tells the stories of the criminal underworld and the battle law enforcement have with them. Whilst the cops do their best to bring law and order to proceedings, all too often the criminals are dispensing justice themselves too.

There will be no spoilers here but these series and stories are based on real life characters and events. Each series takes place in a different city/time but recounts the stories of the good guys v bad guys brilliantly. The fact that the series has multiple awards – 13 at last count – should given an indication of its quality.

If you liked The Sopranos (please tell me you’ve watched it?), Love/Hate (another little gem you must get to see) or Animal Kingdom then watch Underbelly. The former aren’t on Netflix so you’ll need to go digging but the latter certainly is – 3 Seasons and counting, Season 6 aired in Australia in 2013 – and it’s not to be missed.

I’ve embedded the first episode above, apparently its available on YouTube – not sure of the legality of that but it’s there to watch (for now)!

Final Thoughts

One to open the popcorn for. Highly recommended.

Overall Score 87% Must see
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