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You know when you know..

One of the great joys of becoming a new parent is all of the great experiences that go with it.

What maybe isn’t apparent at the outset is how many new experiences you will have and how they will affect your everyday life. Take for example the music on baby mobiles and seats. And just how difficult it is to get those ear-worm tunes out of your head.

In fact yesterday I had a call with some senior customer representatives. We discussed the necessity to align global processes and the benefits to be had from centralising governance over delivery and budgetary management. All good, right? It’s a good job people can’t hear what goes on inside your head though… I was humming “Pop goes the Weasel” over and over in my mind. Many thanks to Fisher Price and their Floor to Cot Deluxe mobile!

The simple joy of knowing I was probably losing my mind slowly was quite amusing, so much so I was asked what I was smiling at by one of my customers. FML.

Anyone else had a similar experience? Am I alone in slowly going gaga? 🙂